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18.2.06 Dogmatic slumber  

THE GREG TATE enlarges on CSWS: "And if hip-hop culture, more politically asleep now than ever before, can produce a few more active dreamers with the wit, realism and enthusiasm of Chang, Kitwana and Watkins, progressive politics might not have to seem as Jurassic as the Bushies have made it appear to America's vast, Twin Tower-traumatized daydream nation."


Story of Ricky, Son. I am now a proud owner. Yeah, I know its got nothing with your post.
I really wish Tate would give up on teleology already. I mean, seriously, there's no other art form so freighted with "promise" and "Right thinking" than that performed by Black artists. It's a hopelessly dogmatic and demagogical way of thinking - aren't the political economics of grey and black market stories enough?
Hmmm I wonder if

1) the teleological airs are rooted in hip-hop's early, more political age d'or (or the myth of it)--the double crime of inflated expectations + imperfect induction &

2) if the appeals for hip-hop to honor some sorta capital-p Purpose (not the party ├╝ber alles mindset behind the reigning/rising geogenres like snap, hyphy, screw, crunk) are a fruit of the overly politicized post-9/11 age--a rejection of the mentality that produced all that Reagan-era bubblegum escapism
I hate on Tate so often. BUTTTTTTTTTTTT he's right. Just 'right' like idealism is 'right.' Oh idealizm. I used to have some of that. His is idealism disguised as cynicism.
-jaded @ 22
tate's not "right" by any stretch of the imagination. there's no political necessity in rock music, so why hiphop?

isn't actually talking about money, crime and grey markets enough? that's the very stuff of political economy!
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