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18.1.06 No protocol  

I knew that if I ever gave it the chance, 24 would devour king-size chunks of my waking life. So, naturally, I waited until X-mas break to rent the DVDs. What surprised me was that the series is a gordian thicket of Philo 101 dilemmas & concepts. Viz.: the Director's office at CTU = Bentham's (later Foucault's) all-seeing, all-seen panopticon; torture = the common good vs. duty/rights; the real-time format = mimesis; Jack abandoning protocol = the positivism-natural law debate; industrial L.A. in the small hours = the state of nature; separating Jack & Nina for interrogation = the prisoner's dilemma.

But this is all highbrow filigree, when it comes down to it. 24 is above all good television: a simply addictive, serial thriller.


See, this is exactly why I haven't rented or watched 24 yet.
mimesis also = angela chase's hair dye.

also also -- if you can fit the noble lie in there, i'll give you a quarter.
O.k. so my partner (aka H-dizzle) loves this show. Stranger, she likes to watch it during the hours that are represented in the show. This is a woman who holds down a full-time job and is a student. It's insane! Since I love her so much I bought her seasons 2 & 3 on Black Friday for like $19.99. Sick, right? Thanks for nothin', Best Buy.

On the other hand, I just let slip that I'd like to start watching The Wire, which I'll take over Lemon-Red's The Shield obsession any day.

I'm still waiting for that rap blog to break out, fyi. Also, let me know if you're interesting in working on Blackmail's new /film blog.
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