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22.2.06 Tweed optional  

Taken from website of the Double Door, a dive-ish Windy City venue whither Large Professor will be bringing the timelessly old-school sonic wisdom on the night of Feb. 26:

Eric B & Rakim. Biz Markie's 'All Samples Cleared'. Pete Rock & CL Smooth's 'Mecca and the Soul Brother'. Nas's 'Illmatic' and 'Stillmatic'. Diamond D's 'Stunts, Blunts & Hip-hop'. Kool G Rap. Big Daddy Kane. A Tribe Called Quest's Midnight Marauders. Rob Swift. The Beastie Boys. Roxanne Shante. Gang Starr. Main Source.

[...] Since high school student William Paul Mitchell broke in with Main Source as MC and producer, Extra P's been in demand. Think Lil' Bow Wow or Chi Ali was a prodigy? Hell, the Prof taught the real Prodigy -- the one out of Mobb Deep -- his way around a studio. And that was after he taught DJ Premier how to use his SP1200. A grateful Primo reciprocated, introducing LP to his record collection and brought Main Source to the attention of Wild Pitch.

Not impressed yet? Try this: at seventeen, going to school by day, LP spent his nights programming beats for Eric B & Rakim's Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em. That led to a call to work on Kool G. Rap's Wanted Dead or Alive. And by that time his rep was already growing amongst those in the know: 15-year old Nasir Jones -- uh, NAS -- had already enrolled with the Professor.

LP has never betrayed hip-hop's early ideals. His career is nobly devoid of quests for celebrity and material wealth; he is content behind the scenes, twiddling and programming--the humble antithesis of today's superproducer.

18.2.06 Dogmatic slumber  

THE GREG TATE enlarges on CSWS: "And if hip-hop culture, more politically asleep now than ever before, can produce a few more active dreamers with the wit, realism and enthusiasm of Chang, Kitwana and Watkins, progressive politics might not have to seem as Jurassic as the Bushies have made it appear to America's vast, Twin Tower-traumatized daydream nation."

6.2.06 LJJ Roundup #1  

) What Mozart and Sid Vicious have in common: primitivism )) The vocal godfather of a dying school of death metal: the Cookie Monster ))) The glue holding together the social history of Western music: notation )))) Responding to Proust's ulterior-motivated Beethoven cheerleading, Stravinsky snarled: "I detest Beethoven"

Ab ovo