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31.8.05 Oval in Kingston  

It's been far too long, hasn't it?

// DJ /rupture, "Rumbo Babylon"

A Brøklyn Beats 7" revived on DJ /rupture's Redux 12", "Rumbo Babylon" has been alternately limned as a track that "strands Oval in Kingston" (JH) & "[c]oiled, ready to jump / jungle cut-up as seething / action painting" (MM). Twisting together knots of warped urban noise, heavy jungle breaks, a chugging ragga two-punch beat, /rupture channels both Todd Edwards' "sample orchestra" & Transparent Records' Roots, Rock, Ravers EP.


fresh blog roque, and i've always got time for a bit of jacerupturism or claustrophobic dubheavybreakbeat. too bad it's blogspot but i'll check in on it from time to time anyway...
Hey thanks for the kind words! Good to know your URL, too; I'll be visiting
I'm back in Australia, so blogspot is open to me again. Just letting you know Jace answered a few of my questions on music/technology a few weeks ago, he's got a lot to say:

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