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19.11.05 R.I.P.  

Is Jazz Dead? asks Stuart Nicholson in a new book of the same name. The Nation's David Yaffe, a great music journalist also writing at The New Republic, reviews it. (Btw, Nicholson's solution: relocate to Europe, where the avant-garde is safe from the neocon likes of, say, Ken Burns & Wynton Marsalis.)


heavy review. it's a pretty fascinating state of affairs for jazz, everyone you speak to bemoans the state of the colleges, eg berkley, the problem is that it's teaching a canon nowadays. jeff parker even dropped out. where jazz was at one time just an outpouring of rhythms and tones and sounds thrilled to travel every which way, whether into avant garde experimentalism or r&b inflected jaunts, now jazz means jazz. a very strict assemblage of rules that get taught to prospective students. it's very middle of the road. i guess it's the old thing about not knowing the rules making it easier to break them.

but other younger musicians appreciate the training. jorgen munkeby from shining/jaga jazzist says that without the training he wouldn't know what was possible. thanks for the link.
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This is viral. Francis Davis considers same here. Come back! I know your semester's over!
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