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13.9.05 The ID hoax?  

Three brilliant scientists tackle the wannabe controversy of intelligent design.

Coyne/Dawkins, Guardian: they argue that the daydream of a two-sided debate, evolution v. ID, is dangerous & distracts from echt scientific controversies w/r/t evolution--viz., the "Cambrian Explosion," the evolutionary basis of human behavior, sexual v. natural selection, the target of natural selection, & natural selection v. genetic drift.

Dennett, NYT: he asks whether ID is either a hoax or a legitimate school of scientific thought, noting that, without content, the ID "theory" is scientifically an insufficient rival to evolution.


Great articles. I completely agree, but you probably know that already. I find it ironic that when Kennedy was running for office were afraid of his Catholicism, possibly taking orders from the Pope, and his imposing religious doctrine in American government. Today we have a president who was elected by voters who want him to use religious doctrine to influence his decisions. (Not to mention he bases his decisions on protestant theology. Protestantism has been logically and theologically bankrupt for better than 300 years)
three brilliant scientists tackle.. not tackles.
but excellent anyways, i always enjoy reading your posts.. you seem to lead me to the interesting thigns i would not find otherwise
Hah, kinda ironic that I made such a dumb mistake in an entry that begins with "Three brilliant scientists..."

Anyway, thanks for reading, Ryan; feel free to point me to links/articles that I should check out, too
been a long time, you shouldn't have left us, etc etc. good to have you posting again roque. drop me an email sometime, i've lost your email address.
Hey, nice blog you've got here. :)
isn't one of the brilliant scientists a philosopher???? (dennett?)
True, true, but I guess 'cause all my experience with him is in philosophy of mind--and because he directs Tufts' Cognitive Studies Center, I considered him at least an honorary or de facto cognitive scientist
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