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2.9.05 Guitar heroism  

Racism in LA: As the cradle of our nation's musical history bleeds, burns, & rots, as women are raped in the Superdome, as meteorology midwifes Hobbesian dystopia, Nero & his spouse-in-crime fiddle: Bush playing guitar hero & Condi rescuing several-thousand-dollar shoes from certain oblivion. One of Mlle Hopper's e-mailers nails the reality: "were it an avalanche in aspen and not a hurricane in louisiana, everyone who could be saved would have been saved." Darnielle thanks Kanye for saying the same thing, in real time, on nat'l television.

Fascism in UT: Fuck those poor-black-targeting, culture-annihilating, levee-breaking floodwaters, the gov't knows its 1st priority: descending on raves. God knows that 90 "troops" employing dogs, tasers, tear gas, a helicopter & semi-automatic assault rifles is never overkill in the Global War on Electronic Dance Music (recently rechristened the Struggle Against Anti-rockism). Watch the video, fight back.

Ab ovo